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2003-01-23, 4:26 a.m. : philosophy was more fun when it was all off the top of my head

I woke up this morning with fever and chills, after yesterday having a chest crud. Last night I dosed myself with a generic version of the Big Fucking Q.

I slept from 1:30 (when I went to sleep) until about 5:30, when I went to go eat dinner.

I did in fact get up long enough to email the two professors of my two classes today, explaining to them that I was ill and therefore unable to make it to class.

So much for not missing any class at all... *sighs*

Anyway, for all that I'm still coughing a bit, I'm not all that tired, and so I'm reading and typing out my philosophy readings for tomorrow.

I could just skim over them, true, and be done in no time and get some sleep... but I think that would mess up my cycle and I'd end up sleeping through my First Aid and CPR class at 8 tomorrow morning.

I'm going to pretend to be a cheery morning person, instead, and in fact act the same way as I did at least a half dozen times end of last semester, and stay up all night and go to breakfast and do what needs to be done before I go to sleep.

It looks like I won't be going to the SCA event in Tulsa, either, since the person who was pumped for it the most has to work.

It's a strange way of doing things, having your friends work for you... Wolfstag, the chieftain of the household, works for one of the men in his household, and therefore can't go this weekend. Which means I can't go because I don't have a ride, among other things. Like a warm bed.

I don't think I should camp outdoors in a summer tent when there's snow on the ground in general, let alone when I maybe have the flu.

So once I get out of Philosophy class tomorrow afternoon, I'll probably go to sleep. Or go out with Greg. Depends on how I feel, and if I take a nap between 9 and 12:30.

Which brings me back to my point of what I'm doing now, which is writing this entry instead of reading and writing Hegel's philosophy stuff. Why?

Why what? Why am I not doing it, or why _am_ I doing it?

I'm not doing it because I feel like bitching about it, and I'll give you an example to say _why_ I need to pay very careful attention and possibly pretend that it's a foreign language in order to actually understand it...

"There is for self-consciousness another self-consciousness; it has come outside itself. This has a twofold significance: first, self-consciousness has lost itself, for it finds itself as another being; second, it has thereby done away with the other, for it does not see the other either as the essential being, but it itself in the other.
Self-consciousness must do away with this otherness it has; this is the doing away with of the first double-sense, and hence itself a second double-sense: first, it must set out to do away with the other independent being in order thereby to become certain of itself as the essential being; second, in so doing it sets out to do away with itself, for this other being is itself.

I could continue, but I don't think I need to... I mean, you already get the sense that nefarious contracts could take some tips here...

Anyway, now that I've bitched for fifteen minutes it's time for me to go be incredulous at this guy some more.

(from the Phenomenology of Spirit by G.W.F. Hegel, 1807, J.L.H. Thomas translation)

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